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When I started this series I figured I'd cover it in maybe 7 or 8 posts.

I had more hair in those days, and you were younger too.

Apart from underestimating the subject, fact is, with the intended audience for the Bible being Linux and/or VPS newbies, I'd kind of pinned my hopes on uncovering some way to use a control panel to carry out ongoing administrative tasks. But those hopes faded like a pint loses it's foam.

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Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies)

In 20 copy/paste steps .. from zero to hero, blank box to cute-as Linux server.

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So, hey, shed shared & viva virtual!   Hope it helps.

So. Back in VPS BIBLE Part 17: Nginx Control Panel Workarounds I promised a bunch of workarounds, negating the need of a control panel.

.. which is actually better anyhow for the reasons I pitted back in VPS BIBLE Part 16: Nginx Control Panel.

Anyhow, I know a whole bunch of you have been following this series. (In fact, judging by my stats, you're spending way too much time online and also need to get yourselves down the pub.)

.. so I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what to expect over the next few weeks, so you can confidently build your Nginx VPS whatnot and know there's going to be some good guidance afterwards for when you want to administer the darn thing.

The good news is that, with few exceptions, these are short guides. You know, I'm real pleased to be able to say that 😛

So here you are. These are the topics I'll be covering. Or rather, that I am covering. (I just got bored of the MySQL posts so thought I'd write this instead.)

VPS BIBLE .. The Sodding-Long Sequel – VPS ADMIN

  1. Add Web Sites Nginx Cheatsheet
  2. Adding Sub-Domains with Nginx
  3. MySQL Database Maintenance – Terminal Tips
  4. Add/Delete MySQL Database from Command Line
  5. phpMyAdmin & Nginx to Maintain Databases
  6. Backup/Export MySQL Database from Terminal
  7. Import Data to MySQL Database from Terminal
  8. Batch Replace/Delete Data in MySQL Database
  9. Reset a Lost MySQL Password
  10. Backup Sites & Blogs from the Command Line
  11. *Usefully* Parked Domains
  12. Password Protect Nginx Files & Directories
  13. Redirect Web Pages with Nginx Rewrite Rule
  14. Create Custom Website Error Page
  15. Access Web Site Error Logs
  16. Set up Cron Jobs
  17. Using Network Tools
  18. Hotlink Protect (Bandwidth)
  19. IP Deny to Block Access with Nginx
  20. Subversion vs Fantastico – Platform Update
  21. YOU TELL ME! What's Missing, Requests Here

You notice that the last one, #21, is a blank. That's ‘cos I've doubtless forgotten something. So you tell me what that is and I'll see what I can do. Must be pertinently relevant, mind.

OK. ‘Nuff said. Back to the wee-Dramweaver.


SETUP an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies)
The V-P-S Bible

Serve multi sites & blogs on a budget … at the fastest possible speed … with the least downtime … in the most secure environment … and future-proofed for easy admin.

That's what the VPS Bible is about, stepped out in simple copy-paste guides.

From high traffic WordPress blogs to startup web hosts, here's what you need.

Something missing? Crack out a comment and let me know.

Over at vpsBible, there's also a growing library of post-installation server maintenance guides. Here's a taste …

  • nginx control panel image

    Appendix 1a: Nginx Control Panel

    You’re migrating shared-to-VPS and want a GUI like cPanel? No you don’t, not after you read this! What’s more, you don’t need one either.

  • nginx control panel image

    Appendix 1b: Nginx Control Panel Workarounds

    For every control panel module there's an equivalent terminal command. They're all linked from here so, hey, no excuses!

  • web sites folder structure image

    Appendix 2: Add Web Sites Nginx Cheatsheet

    Once you’ve set up your first site, adding more gets easier. Especially when you can refer to this. (Let's face it, I'm just too good to you.)


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  1. the_guv  January 25, 2010

    @Steve .. I’ve got some more rewriting tuts lined up for

    Just wrote one up for WP MU and BuddyPress.

    Tell me, you finding W3 Total Cache that much better than Super Cache? Will take a peek.

  2. Steve  January 23, 2010

    Hi – awesome series of tuts. What about nginx rewriting? Especially for using the AWESOME W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress? That would tie in quite nicely, I think?

  3. the_guv  October 9, 2009

    @Hd .. and you, Sir, are the Hyperdude. (wanna set up a comic? 🙂 )

    .. good to hear, thank you.

  4. Hyperdude  October 9, 2009

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the previous VPS Setup guide. I have now completed that one and ready to rock! Looking forward the next one to help with Admin. You are the Guvnr!

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