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vpsbible video tutorials

The video how-to guides accompany the 20-part copy/paste series, adding a visual reference to help you set up your virtual private server.

the_guv is pretty chuffed to announce the release of a bunch of video guides to accompany the series, Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. The V-P-S Bible.

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
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Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's vpsBible.com site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies)

In 20 copy/paste steps .. from zero to hero, blank box to cute-as Linux server.

Scroll down for the full series index.

So, hey, shed shared & viva virtual!   Hope it helps.

This brings video to all the published posts in the series (up to Part 14) excepting Part 1: VPS (Virtual Private Server) vs Shared vs Dedicated.

That said, Parts 10 and 14 will have the video linked later today, ‘cos it's still encoding up at Vimeo.

When the series is complete, each stage in the unmanaged VPS build process will be documented, both with copy and video.

While the individual tutorials are more important, especially with the copy/paste code that makes setting up your VPS a cinch, the video should help by adding a visual reference of what's involved in each step.

the_guv on YouTube

You can also check out all the_guv's other videos, mostly in High Definition quality, on my YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/guvnrDOTcom.

I hope that's useful.



SETUP an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies)
The V-P-S Bible

Serve multi sites & blogs on a budget … at the fastest possible speed … with the least downtime … in the most secure environment … and future-proofed for easy admin.

That's what the VPS Bible is about, stepped out in simple copy-paste guides.

From high traffic WordPress blogs to startup web hosts, here's what you need.

Something missing? Crack out a comment and let me know.

Over at vpsBible, there's also a growing library of post-installation server maintenance guides. Here's a taste …

  • nginx control panel image

    Appendix 1a: Nginx Control Panel

    You’re migrating shared-to-VPS and want a GUI like cPanel? No you don’t, not after you read this! What’s more, you don’t need one either.

  • nginx control panel image

    Appendix 1b: Nginx Control Panel Workarounds

    For every control panel module there's an equivalent terminal command. They're all linked from here so, hey, no excuses!

  • web sites folder structure image

    Appendix 2: Add Web Sites Nginx Cheatsheet

    Once you’ve set up your first site, adding more gets easier. Especially when you can refer to this. (Let's face it, I'm just too good to you.)


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